Suzy’s Halloween Hacks

October 23, 2017 / Category: Special Occasions

We’ve all been there. You get the invite to another Halloween party with the words “please bring a dish to share” stamped right at the bottom. Stress immediately sets in. “What will I make?” “When will I have time to make it?” “Will it be cool/yummy enough?”

Well, stress no more, friends. Your solution is here.

We’ve come up with four five-minute dessert hacks to take one of our delicious cakes and make them into the perfect Halloween treat that is certain to be not only the center of attention, but delicious too.

So leave the hard part – baking – to us, and save your time for the fun part: decorating!

#1 The Candy Bar Classic Variety Cake

Our Candy Bar Classic Variety Cake features one of the biggest Halloween staples: candy. This cake has a combination of Heath Bar, Snickers, chocolate almond and peanut butter cup. We recommend plating the cake on a plain platter so the texture of the cake pops. Try including some lettering along the plate with some colored frosting. And don’t forget the candy!

#2 The Chocolate Enrobed Triangles

These bite-sized cheesecakes are always crowd-pleasing, and a great opportunity for the kids to join in with decorating. We take our Chocolate Enrobed Triangles and transform them into little monsters using edible eyes and frosting. The possibilities with these ghoulish guys are endless! Plate them on a themed platter. Fake spider optional, but encouraged.

#3 The New York Style Cheesecake

Our New York Style Cheesecake is the ultimate classic, and a perfect canvas to express your Halloween spirit. For this Halloween hack, you’ll need some yellow and orange frosting to make each slice look like a piece of candy corn. You might find it easiest to frost each piece individually, but don’t get caught up on making it look perfect. We chose a less spooky and more Autumn theme for this cake, making it perfect for any Fall-themed party.

#4 The New York Style Cheesecake (again)

This cake is just so good, it deserves another option. For this Halloween hack, we make four circles with black frosting. Then, using a toothpick, drag the black frosting from the inside of the cake out to the edge, creating a web-like design. Super easy, but super cool. We like how this cake looks on an orange platter, making it the center of attention.

What we love about each of these Halloween hacks is how easy they all are to execute, and all with amazing results. And keep in mind, perfection is not the end game. It is Halloween, after all!

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