Summertime Fruit Pairings with Suzy’s Cheesecake

July 7, 2016 / Category: Cheesecake Pairing

Cheesecake may be considered one of the richest, most dense, and most decadent desserts the world of sweet treats has to offer, and thus can be thoroughly enjoyed with toppings that help balance the richness that is inherent in cheesecake. A variety of fresh fruit additions will help bring a crisp, bright seasonal freshness to our cheesecakes. The following are 3 cheesecake fruit toppings that will help bring out the the flavors of summer and are sure to match perfectly with any and all palates.

New York Style topped with Fresh BerriesNew York Berry Slice - Suzy's Cheesecake
This New York-Style cheesecake starts with a vanilla batter base with a touch of lemon tart. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are then added on top at the very last minute so that they are perfectly plump and bring plenty of crisp texture to the dessert. When you add berries, not only do you bring color and presentation to your dish, but it also adds in a nice tartness to the overall creaminess of the cheesecake. Other good berry alternatives include peach, mango, kiwi, or sliced cherries.

New York Style topped with Strawberry/Raspberry PureeRaspberry Swirl Slice
This New York Style cheesecake has a vanilla batter base with a touch of lemon tart. Thick Strawberry or Raspberry puree, which is liquidized from fresh fruit, is then drizzled on top of the freshly baked cake. The sweet and sourness of the creamy puree will create balance with each bit of the heavy cheesecake. And unlike adding whole fruit, the texture of the smooth puree will blend well with the richness of the cake. Before serving, boil the puree over low heat to add warmth to what is otherwise, a cold dessert.

New York Style topped with Sour Cream and BlueberriesNew York Slice With Sour Cream
The New York Style cheesecake again, starts with a vanilla batter base with a touch of a lemon tart. Once the cake is finished and cooked off, a sweet and light sour cream topping is then added as a top layer in order to bring a tangy flavor to the dish. The sour cream will bring a creamier texture and sweeter taste while adding an extra dimension of zest the delectable cheesecake. If you are making a homemade cheesecake, the creamy top layer will also hide any cracks or bumps that occur during the baking process, creating a visual masterpiece. Finish off the cake by sprinkling on blueberries, this will bring fresh fruit flavors and a dash of tartness to the richness of the sour cream and cheesecake layering.