Real Cream Cheese in Every Cake we Bake!

January 21, 2020 / Category: Our Cheesecakes

Premium ingredients are the key to baking world-class desserts.

“Growing up in rural Wisconsin, our family home was surrounded by farms. My mom believed in freshness, which meant using local dairy products. Unknowingly, she was an early pioneer in today’s “farm to table” movement. But that’s how it was done back then so I picked up a lot of my later life cues working with her. A cheesecake should be rich and creamy with a touch of vanilla and lemon. Our classic ‘New York Style’ cheesecake starts with only Wisconsin cream cheese as it’s recipe foundation. It bakes up light golden, rich and creamy-smooth. Other bakeries ‘stretch’ their recipes with milk, flour, sour cream, dairy by-products, or powdered stabilizers. While these additives bake a lighter (thinner, commercialized) cheesecake, often they leave the cheesecake with a chalky, imitation or sour after taste. With Suzy’s, think of ours tasting like ‘frozen custard’ while theirs is more like a ‘soft serve’. Born and raised in America’s Dairyland, our cheesecakes are the perfect showcase for some of the finest products our state has to offer.”  -Suzy Strothmann