Labor Day Food Pairings

August 28, 2017 / Category: Cheesecake Pairing , Special Occasions

Burger Bites & Enrobed Triangles

Don’t miss a beat! These foods can be enjoyed with one hand, leaving the other open for an intense game of bags, lawn darts or your favorite card game.

Corn on the Cob & Turtle Fudge Brownies

Delish has blessed us with SIX ways to eat corn on the cob… all of which can be easily followed up with our turtle fudge brownies.

Image from Delish

Turtle Fudge Brownie

Waffle Cone Caramel Cheesecake & Weekend at Louie’s Amber Ale

What’s Labor Day without a couple brews? Check out our beer pairing with Milwaukee Brewing Co. for more inspiration.

Suzy's Cheesecake Waffle Cone