Combatting The Cold

January 16, 2017 / Category: Cheesecake Pairing

Hot Beverage Pairings for Those Dark, Frigid Winter Days

As the whirl of the holidays has passed & winter’s long, cold shadow settles across the land, it’s always best to have a few coping strategies in hand. Here are a couple of our favorite warming remedies to help us manage the sting of winter. Whether you’re personally braving our brisk Wisconsin weather or just with us in spirit, Suzy’s has a perfect dessert pairing for whatever toasty beverage suits you best.

Every day is better with coffee, but our favorite caffeinated drink brings an added dose of comfort during the cold season. While sipping that special blend (or stiff espresso pour) this winter, settle in with Suzy’s fantastic turtle fudge brownie. A generous mix of moist brownie batter, caramel & Belgian chocolate, & a ton of roasted, salted pecans will serve your brew its perfect foil. Of course, let’s not forget cheesecake options- a slice of our rich Chocolate Amaretto, Black Forest Cherry, or chocolate enrobed cheesecake triangles will do your cup of coffee proud.

Hot Cider:
Everyone has their own approach to this spicy, delicious treat. Are you the resourceful, artisan type-mulling your own from scratch? Or perhaps you have a faithful go-to brand that always does the job. Compliment your hot cider with a slice of classic New York-Style Cheesecake. The creamy blend of vanilla, cream cheese & lemon tart scores well against the spicy cider notes of nutmeg, cinnamon & clove. Sweetened sour cream topping & a buttery graham cracker crust finish off this winning pair. For that extra dose of boozy warmth don’t forget a generous pour of dark, spiced rum.

Chai Tea:
Black tea with cinnamon, ginger & clove, brewed with milk & sugar to balance. This coffeehouse staple has been helping us combat oppressive Midwest winters for many years now. Enjoy your favorite Chai blend with a tall slice of Suzy’s Carrot Cake. Cinnamon & brown sugar, hearty carrot cake & rich buttercream frosting play perfectly to Chai’s bold characteristics. Or go for a slice of Chocolate Chip cheesecake, the harmony of rich vanilla cheesecake & sweet chocolate chips serves a great counterpart to this aromatic black tea brew.